About Us

Groupe Socota’s origins date back to 1930 when Socota, the Group’s first entity was founded as a textile trading company in Madagascar.

In the late 1950’s, a new industrial venture began with the creation of a fabric mill - La Cotonnière d’Antsirabe (COTONA). Today the fabric mill forms a key part of SOCOTA Textiles and Apparel, our vertically integrated design, fabric, and garment operations offering unique fashion solutions to European and African markets.

Groupe Socota started to diversify its activities in Aquaculture with the establishment of OSO in 1976, which, in 2006, became the world’s first organic shrimp producer (AB Label).

Recently, Groupe Socota has further expanded with two new lines of business: Seafood Distribution – R & O – in Europe and Real Estate in Madagascar and Mauritius.

Groupe Socota is now investing to magnify Madagascar agronomic potential, aiming to satisfy growing needs for natural ingredients from the food.

Groupe Socota already partners with farmers communities to grow and export dry bean, spices and premium vegetables.

Respect for social and environmental sustainability, customer service, resilience, and adherence to sound business ethics are the principles that have laid the foundation for our businesses. Our rich heritage guides our ambitions to pursue sustainable development.